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Comprehensive anti-trafficking resources you may be interested in

Links to resources produced by anti-trafficking organizations and government agencies--all available for free download:


Freedom Acts: Forced Labor Adam's story of how he was exploited for forced labor in Northern Ireland

Freedom Acts: Grooming  Alisha's story of how she was groomed for sexual exploitation as a teenager in Northern Ireland

Freedom Acts: Sexual Exploitation Anna's story of how she was tricked and forced into sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland

Freedom Acts: Conclusion The end of Adam, Alisha, and Anna's stories along with more information

Journey to Freedom True stories of two men—21st-century Cambodian Vannak Prum and 19th-century American Solomon Northup—who were sold into slavery more than 150 years apart, and the abolitionists who fight to free slaves.

Warning to Young Women in China
: Video in Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles; a good warning to young women everywhere, not just in China.

Backstory: MTV's Interactive Anti-Slavery Campaign: 
Interactive videos that show youth how poor choices can lead to being trafficked.  Note: Backstory doesn't play in all browsers; it worked better for us in Safari than in Firefox.


Stopping child labor: There's an app for that. In Colombia, when someone sees a child working illegally they can take a picture with their phone, log the location, which the app sends to the country's child welfare agency.


Awareness poster from US Department of Homeland Security


Human trafficking indicators card

Coming to the US to work or study? US government pamphlet on how to protect yourself, your rights, etc., with a section on how to stay safe from human trafficking.

Multilingual Phrasebook for Victim Identification: A phrasebook with 12 questions to help determine if someone is a victim of human trafficking. Translated into 47 languages. Made available by Free for Life and Doctors at War.


Training materials for law enforcement from International Association of Chiefs of Police; includes training video, and guidebook in English and Spanish

Human trafficking awareness training from US Department of Homeland Security

Human Trafficking Training CourseOnline course for businesses to help them understand the role they can play in stopping the traffic.

Information and fact sheets

Tools for service providers, health care professionals, law enforcement, and others Comprehensive list of resources from Polaris Project

General info and resources from Polaris Project

Trafficking in Persons Report 2012 from US Department of State; next report will be released in June 2013

Resources for law enforcement from US Department of Homeland Security

Services available to victims of human trafficking in the US from US Department of Health and Human Services

Blue campaign resource catalog from US Department of Homeland Security's campaign against human trafficking

Resources for health care providers, social service organizations, and law enforcement
from US Department of Health and Human Services

Good produced by child labor or forced labor from US Department of Labor

ICAT: The International Legal Frameworks Concerning Trafficking in Persons: 
Legal info on protecting victims and prosecuting perpetrators, from Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons.

Identifying And Understanding Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Global anti-trafficking hotlines Numbers and organizations where you can report trafficking in dozens of countries from Albania to Zimbabwe

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