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We give away our trafficking-prevention materials without charge in more than 65 countries. Help us continue our work all over the world by donating today.

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How much is a little girl worth?

"To a child trafficker—about $300. That’s what he’ll pay to buy her, knowing he’ll recoup his money and more. I’ve seen the horror that awaits girls who are trafficked. Cages that hold them til they no longer have a will to resist. Brothels where they’re sold—sometimes to 20 customers a night. Many of these girls are just 5 years old.

"If you, like me, find that nauseating, let me tell you there is something we can do about it: We can reach kids before the trafficker ever do and save them from a life of horror.

"Will you partner with me to do that?"

-- Diana Scimone, founder and 

president of Born2Fly International