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The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking is a strategic community awareness campaign that educates at-risk children and their parents about the dangers of child trafficking.

Our goal is to reach kids before the traffickers do—and we’re doing that in more countries and more languages every month.

More than 325 organizations in 65+ countries have registered to download our free anti-trafficking curriculum and other materials. You can too. Just fill out the registration form. Once we approve your request, we’ll send you a password to download any materials you need.

B2F around the world

Born2Fly co-sponsored train-the-trainer workshops for more than 40 young women from villages where girls are regularly trafficked. This is one of the recent trainings. These young women are now back in their own villages holding awareness and prevention programs for their own communities--all using the B2F curriculums and wordless book.

Bulgaria: "We're so happy to have Born2Fly in eastern Europe because of the tremendous trafficking problem here. The B2F program is a good way to talk to younger children about human trafficking. Warning children about the dangers of child trafficking can prevent it."

Uganda: "We're so excited about Born2Fly in Uganda. We introduced the program to the community at our May Day anti-trafficking event. Children dressed as butterflies and we started the day with a parade through the streets. Thank you for your work and partnering with us. B2F is such an amazing program and it's wonderful to use it, assisting us so we don’t have to write our own. We love it!"

Russia: "Thank you for B2F. Thank you for not being indifferent. This program has changed many lives."

Philippines: "Born2Fly is an answer to prayer for our team who have been praying for a strategic way to counter the attack against so many of our young people and children.”

Thailand: "Our kids love the B2F book and curriculum! Before, they would run off to places in our neighborhood without letting us know where they were going. Now they understand why we’re always telling them to ask before they go."

India: Born2Fly broadcasts a weekly dramatized anti-trafficking radio program throughout India for kids and their parents. It's based on our popular B2F curriculum and we reach more than 80 million kids and adults -- every week! We partner with the Disha Foundation in India to produce and broadcast these life-saving programs. You can listen to a recent broadcast here; it's all in Hindi but you can enjoy our very own Bollywood music! Just click here:

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